About us

From passion to calling

Music is a universal language that knows no age. It connects the musicians of an orchestra as much as the orchestra to the audience and thus creates mutuality and community. Feelings, thoughts and genius of the composer are expressed in musical creations. One who realises the power of music as a language without words can’t let go of it’s fascination. This passion also contributes to the work of the people behind Edition bach.

Making old compositions sound again

We have made it our task to give composers a voice again and let their works sound once more. For this, we treat the compositions with musical experience, historical knowledge and lots of care, in such a way that different ensembles and amateurs with lackluster skill can play them.
Eventually, what counts is not the difficulty of the piece but the joy of playing, rehearsing together and performing.

We have found another interesting task in completing musical ideas by enthusiasts and turning them into masterpieces, playable by ensembles. Our work in arrangement also counts towards this, where we offer amateur composers our services as part of our talent program.

Knowledge, skill and experience

For our work we fall back onto the knowledge from instrumental education, studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, band master certification and continuous training. Decades of experience were also able to be collected by typesetting and arranging compositions for all Austrian school books, through collaborations with music publishers (symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, smaller ensembles and choirs), as well as compositions as commissions for music lovers.
Part of our team is taken up by Leonhard Fürst as arranger, whose international reputation precedes him.
With the 1st place at the international edition price “Best Edition” our quality was rewarded and acknowledged within the industry.

Edition bach is proud to have been awarded the German edition price BEST EDITION