Composing unforgettable musical experiences

When a bandmaster compiles a program for a certain occasion, they themselves become a sort of composer.

The conscious choice and selection of the individual pieces and their sequence play a similar role to the success of the performance and an excited audience as the technically perfect execution. From the piece of work to the opening to the encore, the whole performance can thus be filled with dramaturgy.

Here, the conductor has access to a sheer endless amount of musical expertise: Wether classical symphonies, concert operas or modern compositions from film- or pop music – everything is applicable, when it comes to selecting for an occasion with finesse and for an audience.

Especially the contrasts in a performance oftentimes create excitement. It can be used in a targeted manner when changing between known and unknown, soft and rhythmic, classical and temporary. All in all, a concert should follow a common thread, however. It can remain hidden to the listeners at first, or it it can be elevated through deliberate commentating, with an accompanying program, for example.

Specifically the underlying musical perspectives, that every composition contributes to the overall whole of the performance, makes it enticing for the, oftentimes heterogenous and colourful, audience to engage on not just an emotional layer but also on an intellectual one. Or it claps along, in itself also an expression of emotional attendance – the main reason after all.
Whichever way the band master wants to structure their concert: classical compositions deserve to be heard again every now and then and be delivered to a broader audience.

In the short descriptions on this website you will therefore find extra information about the character or mood that the composition evokes. This simplifies conductors as “leader of the concert” the occasion-driven selection and planning for a well-rounded and successful performance.