1003 – Hungarian March

Hungarian march: also known as the Rákóczi march and created around 1730. The creator is unknown. It’s a mourning song which talks about the suffering of the Magyars under oppression from the Habsburgs. The song begs Franz II. Rákóczy to return to save his people. In Hungary it is known as the unofficial national anthem.

Informationa about the composer Hector Berlioz:
* 11.12.1803 in La Côte-Saint-André – † 08.03.1869 in Paris

He was the creator of the orchestra regulations that are still intact today. From his quill many symphonic works have sprung, like the famous “Symphonie fantastique”, a requiem and multiple cycles of stageworks, as well as “Faust’s Damnation”, which features the Hungarian march in the first act.

Below you will find our PDF guide and cast list to this composition, where you can find more information. Our tips, the difficulty and other hints can aid you significantly when playing. Both documents are free to download.


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